When should we have known better?






“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”

If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not learning. This does not give us license to render sloppy work, uncaring on how our mistakes will affect our life and the people around us, neither should we fail to learn from honest mistakes and commit the same blunder again and again.

In life, nothing is constant, everything changes. Today you may be living a good life and tomorrow struggle might strike. Today she loves you… tomorrow not. Cliché it may sound, but that is reality and it is something that we should face and be prepared for.

Build a lasting memory today. Someday it may be all that you have left.

Contentment -taking something or someone for granted is the common mistake everyone has committed. We tend to pay less attention to things that are available around us and always wish for something else, and once gone, realizing that what was once there was a lot better than the one we are longing for.

Decision making -as the old Filipino saying goes “nasa huli ang pagsisisi… ”, regrets always come at the end, and errors are often realized after committing them. So how do can we know if we are to do something stupid? The truth is, mistakes are often made at the beginning and trying to get over it by force would only make the situation worst. Making decisions and taking the responsibility over its possible positive and not so good result perhaps could make us believe that we had made the good choice.

Living a life of regret will not lead us into anything positive, hence would only pull us down silently in a pit of distress. We are all humans, and are all entitled to commit our own mistakes. But we should also keep in mind that we are also responsible to every little thing we do, decide upon, and react to…

So when should have we known better? The thing is, time is not a factor, nor experience, it is all upon the way we handle things that comes in life. Reality sometimes really hurts, and negative things that may come in our everyday journey should not be taken as a setback but as an opportunity to be a better, stronger and complete person.

“Decide what you want, what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go for it.”


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