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Man’s Best Friend Eh?

I love dogs. Back at my home at Valenzuela we have four lovely canines, and with me on my pad is my beloved beagle, Snoop who is about to turn one year old this 21st.

Dogs are the sweetest. The most loyal, loving, intelligent buddy a man could ever find. Anyone who have seen the movie Hachiko would surely be touched, and that kind of love for their masters exist in reality.

But what’s wrong with people these days? Just last day, on the trend wan innocent puppy being hanged by clothes pin on its skin after a bath. Then this article I just saw on yahoo news, about another puppy being roasted alive. Have they lost their appetite for torturing their own kind so they are now in search of new subjects?

How gruesome it is to torture an animal, much else roast it alive? While this horrifying act did not take place in Singapore, but in the Kengkou district of Guangzhou, China.

The gruesome incident was said to have taken place near the entrance of Kengkou market. The woman is seen grabbing the puppy using a throng and grilling it over what looks like a portable stove. After a while, the dog’s body appeared stiff and its skin slightly charred.

Understandably, users who posted their comments on the website were vilified by the action.

One user known as VIP posted a comment, “Are you still human? Think for a moment, how would you feel if you were roasted alive/barbecued alive?”

“What’s wrong with people these days? They don’t even seem like people/human anymore.”

**The picture below taken from the woman roasting the puppy might be disturbing,

The woman could be seen roasting the puppy with people watching on including children.

Oh my! :(

credits to http://ph.news.yahoo.com/blogs/author/ion-danker/


ADSpiration: Forbes Print Ad

“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.”

In tribute to the brains behind the ads that had me say wow, to the out of the box ideas that stamped their products in our daily lives, and to the gang behind the strategies that made us blindfolded-ly spend our money for their profit, I would post some classics and classic-to-be’s on the elite field of advertising.

Forbes Print Ad

Since I am currently working at Summit Media, country’s leading publishing company with over 22 leading titles (plugging.. haha!), this ad would seem fit to be the first on the post. To describe it in one word – STRONG.

Success is never final; Failure is never fatal

Keep in mind: Life is too tough that you can never be good enough, but is generous enough to give you an unlimited shot at trying to be one.

“Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts.”     – Sir Winston Churchill

5 Tips to Avoiding the Ultimate Creative Block

Smash that "Creative Block" :)

I often get this question from a lot of people, “How do you keep your creativity intact and flowing?” The funny thing is I never knew what to really say until one morning when I woke up and I couldn’t think of anything to create or do. This was one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever had to go through. Sure you get a creative block now and then, but that is easily trumped by simply picking up a magazine and paging through it. This feeling I had was different. I had no motivation to do anything creative.

Now you might put up your hand and say that perhaps something happened in my life that triggered this, “meaningless feeling.” The matter of fact is nothing out of the ordinary happened. Yes it was the beginning of the second quarter of the year, rainy days are approaching, but this is usually the time my creativeness blossoms into a beautiful bouquet of flowers, if you know what I mean. Yet, this time around there was nothing for me to work with, my holsters were empty and I was about to dual with one of the most feared opponents in the creative industry, “The Ultimate Creative Block.”

Ok, I made up the expression, “The Ultimate Creative Block,” but this is genuinely how I was feeling, there was this huge solid wall in front of me and the only weapon I had in my hand was a paint brush I didn’t know how to use. I mean come on, how does a paint brush match up against a wall without creativity anyway? Let me show you how I was feeling when I was hit with this, “Ultimate Creative Block.”

credits to super-stock.com (boy) and 123rf.com (wall) for the photos

Now as you can see the image above portrays a sad young artist being blocked from creating by bricks (obvious) but I have to express it to you guys somehow. Now that you know how I felt, let’s look at what I did to break through this wall and get to the other side.

Step 1: Get some exercise

Since I started working I stopped with my regular exercise routines as everyone started settling down. I never knew that it had such a diverse effect on my daily life until now. Once I stopped being active my body started missing the exercise and it totally disrupted my daily routine. Exercising doesn’t only take your mind off your working situations or designing, it stirs a different feeling in you when your blood starts rushing through your veins and the sweat starts dripping. Exercise can spark new ideas too, simply because you are in a total different mindset when training.

Step 2: Get out of the office and draw

This is something you should seriously think of doing on a weekly basis, choose any day in the week and take 3-4 hours and get out of the office for a relaxation drawing session. This won’t only make your mind run wild with ideas, but give you a fair amount of personal time to reflect back on things that have happened. Choose a public spot where you can make yourself comfortable on a bench or against a tree and have a lot of public movement around you. Favorite places: Public parks, Sea side, River banks, Big Ponds etc those are just some examples. The things you need to make sure you take with are: Camera, Sketch book, pencils, crayons, pastels, strictly no laptop or internet enabled device. No checking your emails or Facebook on your phone. The entire point of this exercise is to isolate yourself from the tech world and go old school. If you do this exercise constantly you will be amazed by the results you will achieve creatively.

Step 3: Experiment outside of your comfort zone

Let’s say you are a web designer, all you do everyday is design website layouts. Remember too much of a good thing is a bad thing. If you don’t understand what I mean, let me use another example. If you have 2 beers with friends, you are socializing and having fun. If you have 12 beers, you’ll be socializing with the pavement instead. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Designing only websites could get you caught up in a certain routine and trend that you would actually wish to avoid. The thing you should do is for a day or two, leave the layouts alone and see if you can’t come up with some wicked photo manipulations or some digital art. Invent your own campaign and start off with writing out a little brief as if you were a client and then see if you can come up with something that a potential client would like. Once you are happy with your potential campaign series, step over into creating a web presence for the campaign whilst incorporating the theme you designed. This will not only make you a better web designer, but brush up on some old skills of yours too.

Step 4: Take your camera on an adventure

Yes, you heard me. Today your camera is your only friend. Get in the car and take it for a drive, capture some extravagant moments you two spend together. You might feel a bit dorky, but this won’t only spark fresh ideas, you will be capturing useful images along the way. When you get home or back to the office, download these images and choose at least 5 or more of them and create a personal artwork out of each of those photos or use all of them together. Making use of your own images will not only show you that you got what it takes to create something beautiful from scratch, but also motivate you to take on more personal projects in the near future. Remember a camera can help you say a thousand words with one picture, in which other way would you be able to express so much emotion?

Step 5: Renovate your workplace

If you have been sitting in the same office for more than a year without any new additions, its time to make some changes. If it means painting the walls a different color or printing some posters and having them blocked for hanging purposes. If you have an International client base you can buy yourself some clocks and put them up with all the different countries times enlisted. Yes just having these in mind is already tiring, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Another addition to the office can be a plant or some new gadgets that you have been longing for, everything new adds some form of inspiration. Perhaps you just acquired a new docking station for your iPhone; why not make a fictional ad for the new docking station. Start off by photographing it and then doing the digital work after wards. There is just so much you can do to help yourself get back on track.

I hope these steps will help you as much as they helped me. I will definitely be frequenting these steps from now on to make sure my creative juices are flowing. Sure there are hundreds of other steps you can go about doing too, like listening to new music, learning to play a new instrument, going for a bungee jump or skydiving. The possibilities are endless.

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