Man’s Best Friend Eh?

I love dogs. Back at my home at Valenzuela we have four lovely canines, and with me on my pad is my beloved beagle, Snoop who is about to turn one year old this 21st.

Dogs are the sweetest. The most loyal, loving, intelligent buddy a man could ever find. Anyone who have seen the movie Hachiko would surely be touched, and that kind of love for their masters exist in reality.

But what’s wrong with people these days? Just last day, on the trend wan innocent puppy being hanged by clothes pin on its skin after a bath. Then this article I just saw on yahoo news, about another puppy being roasted alive. Have they lost their appetite for torturing their own kind so they are now in search of new subjects?

How gruesome it is to torture an animal, much else roast it alive? While this horrifying act did not take place in Singapore, but in the Kengkou district of Guangzhou, China.

The gruesome incident was said to have taken place near the entrance of Kengkou market. The woman is seen grabbing the puppy using a throng and grilling it over what looks like a portable stove. After a while, the dog’s body appeared stiff and its skin slightly charred.

Understandably, users who posted their comments on the website were vilified by the action.

One user known as VIP posted a comment, “Are you still human? Think for a moment, how would you feel if you were roasted alive/barbecued alive?”

“What’s wrong with people these days? They don’t even seem like people/human anymore.”

**The picture below taken from the woman roasting the puppy might be disturbing,

The woman could be seen roasting the puppy with people watching on including children.

Oh my! :(

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