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Sharks Aren’t That Scary



The “One Hit Wonders” of 2000’s

Here is a list compiled by Billboard.com enumerating the singers/bands of this decade that were considered “one-hit wonders”–meaning, he blasted into the scene with what looked like a promising music career, only to never be heard again after their one single.  The biggest one hit wonder of last

Bad Day? Like Bad decade eh?

decade was Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day”.  It was used as the kiss-off song for the 5th season of “American Idol,” which gave the song enough juice to become the biggest single of 2006. The song went to No. 1 in April and stayed at the top for five weeks. But Powter’s good fortune didn’t last long; he hasn’t visited the Hot 100 since.


Follow the rest of the one-hit-wonders at Billboards.com, right click here

Ambigram Generator

I wanted to keep this site a secret because I thought it was the only ambigram site out there and I was thinking of getting an ambigram tattoo, and if this site were to become too popular, I worry that everyone would have the same style of tattoo as mine.  And then after some simple searching, I found out that there are hundreds of sites just like it, stupid me, so here I’ll share it with you in case you have not come across one.  As many of you know, an ambigram is an art form where a word can be read not only in the form presented but in other viewpoints, most popularly upside down.  More and more people have been getting ambigram tattoos and this site helps generate one for you.  It’s really cool. You can even take two different words, put them in this online generator, and it will attempt to make it into an ambigram.  Try it, it’s fun and you may want to use it as a tattoo.


Check here for Ambigram Generator.

ADSpiration: Coke Happiness Truck

Today’s inspiration would be a viral video campaign shot at my own country Philippines. Coke being the big name it is, contributed a lot in establishing a trend on modern marketing and advertising. I am a fan of their ad rivalry with Pepsi. The advertising geniuses behind these ads are the coolest. I dream of one day being able to at least work with them.

They also brought their Happiness Truck in Brazil! Watch out, the next stop might be at your place!


Stay inspired!

You are what you think.

You are what you think, you are what you go for, you are what you do. You are what you make of yourself. Life is a choice, your future lies upon your decisions, and its result to be bad or good relies upon how you take and react to it.

Good day! :)

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