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Are You Gay? Simple Test.

Look at this photo carefully, if you see an arm, you're gay.


Etiquette and the people you don’t want to meet on the MRT

I remember 2 years ago, when I was still staying at our home at Valenzuela (okay, it’s literally around 20 steps away from the boundary of Bulacan) that I have to commute at an average of 2 and a half hours one-way (travel time doubles if it is raining) daily just to get to my former office at Eastwood (3 hours if I’m going to my current office here at Summit). That travel includes a 5 minute pedicab ride (if our place is not flooded),

Okay, this is not exactly the pedicab that I take, but it looks close to this whenever it rains at our place

an irritating, time-consuming 40 minutes to 1 hour sardines-packed bus ride, 30 minutes to 1 hour long line of wait at the f*!@ing MRT North-Edsa station, then I get possessed upon entering and find myself arriving at the office still 30 minutes late despite of the fact that I woke up 6am and left home right before 7am just to beat my 9am office hour. EFF!

I know thousands of other people shares the same dilemma everyday. And here are some examples of people you don’t want to meet in any of the crowded trains in Metro Manila:

The Crazed Addict – For whatever reason, this is the person you’d most hate to be riding with in a train. The crazy addict would tend to mumble or talk a lot of nonsense and even argue about anyone he thinks is sneering at him. The hard part is when this type of person suddenly becomes physically violent. Watch an example of this type of person in this video (click here).

The Preacher – Buses are no longer the domain of religious fanatics who preach the Bible to passengers. These types of persons are still rarely seen in metro trains. Sadly, even the loud sound of the train traveling on metal tracks isn’t enough to drown out the sound of these people who scream at the top of their voice in order to let everyone in the train cab hear the Word of God. An example of the preacher is found in this video (click here).

Learn more of these people you don’t want to meet on an MRT and tips on how to be a responsible passenger at loQal.ph

Since SexyTapes Are The Trend, Burger King Has A New Marketing Strategy

Burger King U.K. is inviting young men to watch and interact with a bikini-clad girl as she takes her daily shower, in a new “glorious mornings” promotion which urges consumers to “seize the day your way.” The www.singingintheshower.co.uk website is billed as “the world’s first guilt-free shower-cam,” where visitors can ask a 20-year-old woman to wear a different bikini and sing a different song as she takes her morning shower each day. Burger King invites customers to “watch the shower babe shake her bits to the hits at 9:30 a.m. every morning.” And it doesn’t end there — you can also win a date with the “sizzling shower babe” by filling out a form saying why you deserve to be chosen. A Burger King spokesman explained the blatantly male bias of the campaign. He said, “Our research showed that breakfast is a male-centric audience for Burger King; it doesn’t resonate as well with women — we are targeting the people who are buying breakfast.”

ADSpiration: Billboards

If you are living in Manila, and your daily routine requires you to pass along C5 road (you’re lucky if not), then most likely aside from the horrendous traffic, you are familiar the sky-high giant billboards covering everything. Passing it seemed like browsing through a magazine, and you are rendered helpless but to look at em’

Billboards are one of the most powerful means of advertising. I have come across some creatively rendered ads for you to be inspired.

Top Gear Likes It Pink!

Let’s make Top Gear Philippine’s Editor in Chief Vernon Sarne paint his personal car! 77,000 likes for the 77th issue would paint our EIC’s wheels a loud and proud pink!

                             click here for the Top Gear Philippines Facebook page.

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