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Resumes That Gives You A Better Shot at Your Dream Job

Resume, as important as it is, as the main tool in selling yourself to employers, is often either overlooked or overworked. For the first timers, using the old template our grandparent’s parents have used would most likely be the case. For the “pros”, it is something they put time to think and work on to.

I personally had my own struggles in making my own (harder because I’m on a creative industry thus putting a lot of extra pressure). Generally, no template nor exact rules are followed in making one. There are just essential contents that really has to be in it for it to be effective. By the word effective, I mean the whole resume package itself. We should see it as the paper that would represent us to the employer, because on most case, it is what they see and check first long before giving us a call for a personal interview.

Enough of the technical side, what we put on it i.e. achievements, skills and personal data is one, but the way we present it is another, meaning adding a little creative touch to it would not only make it interesting to look at, but also would tell a little more about you more than any compressed word can. I had a couple of trials, once even making a 3-page resume which is a big fail.

I am not a pro with it technically, but whenever you are about to make one, just remember the grade school tip your teacher gave you (that is if you listen!), KISS – Keep It Short and Simple. But the tip never said that you should present it boring-ly and not to show it with class. Having a decent resume really helps your (and soon to be) career. It really pays off.

cover of my 3-fold inspired resume update last 10/10/10


What’s Your Name?

I have repeatedly admitted and confessed that I have a hard time remembering names of people.

It’s embarrassing at times. Maybe it’s because I know or have met so many people or maybe it’s as Mommy, who has the same problem, says -AGE (I’m just 23)!  I have even forgotten names of people who I see several times a year (okay, a week).

What usually happens is when we part ways, like a smack in the head, I will recall the name about 10 minutes later (you’re lucky if that’s the case, sometimes I really don’t remember any). Sometimes as they are walking away I remember… then I can shout “hey see you later, (place name here)! It’s bizzare!

So next time I see you and we have known each other from before and I don’t use your name… throw me a bone and introduce yourself.

Beating the Monday Blues


Occurence: First day of the work week, commonly regarded as Monday.

Symptoms: 5-Minute alarm snooze habit reflex, unconsciously checking of leaves and schedules, brain-dead, low morale, stare-battle with the monitor and repeated minimize-maximize of windows.

Findings: Did you have trouble getting out of bed this morning? I feel for you. The weekend wait seemed so long but went by so fast and now, the Monday Blues have arrived. Keep it cool and have your sanity in check.

If it’s not so happy; well that tends to be the case. How do you beat the Monday blues? They say to dress your best so you feel better. Or to treat yourself. Maybe take it easy? If only it were that simple.

Today I have a case of the Mondays. Tired from a busy and exciting weekend. First day of the week, four more to go til the next weekend. But today I was able to beat the Monday blues with two easy steps.

1. Hunt down chocolate, ingest, feel good.

2. Talk to someone who is sure to make you smile.

Both accomplished at work and I feel I am ready to face the rest of the work week.

ADSpiration: T-Mobile’s Angry Bird

Yes I know, you’re checking (okay accidentally clicked) this link because you’re a certified Angry Bird Addict. Well, you are not alone! Enjoy! Kudos to the geeks and die-hard behind this.


How I wish I could get a try with this.

ADSpiration: Buildings

Recently, advertising geniuses had been exploring on out-of-the-box ways of promoting their products. In today’s time, where giant billboards occupy any man’s views on a busy highway, having your ad noticed is becoming quite a task. So the brains behind these ads found a way to exploit what there is; buildings.

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