Beating the Monday Blues


Occurence: First day of the work week, commonly regarded as Monday.

Symptoms: 5-Minute alarm snooze habit reflex, unconsciously checking of leaves and schedules, brain-dead, low morale, stare-battle with the monitor and repeated minimize-maximize of windows.

Findings: Did you have trouble getting out of bed this morning? I feel for you. The weekend wait seemed so long but went by so fast and now, the Monday Blues have arrived. Keep it cool and have your sanity in check.

If it’s not so happy; well that tends to be the case. How do you beat the Monday blues? They say to dress your best so you feel better. Or to treat yourself. Maybe take it easy? If only it were that simple.

Today I have a case of the Mondays. Tired from a busy and exciting weekend. First day of the week, four more to go til the next weekend. But today I was able to beat the Monday blues with two easy steps.

1. Hunt down chocolate, ingest, feel good.

2. Talk to someone who is sure to make you smile.

Both accomplished at work and I feel I am ready to face the rest of the work week.


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