What’s Your Name?

I have repeatedly admitted and confessed that I have a hard time remembering names of people.

It’s embarrassing at times. Maybe it’s because I know or have met so many people or maybe it’s as Mommy, who has the same problem, says -AGE (I’m just 23)!  I have even forgotten names of people who I see several times a year (okay, a week).

What usually happens is when we part ways, like a smack in the head, I will recall the name about 10 minutes later (you’re lucky if that’s the case, sometimes I really don’t remember any). Sometimes as they are walking away I remember… then I can shout “hey see you later, (place name here)! It’s bizzare!

So next time I see you and we have known each other from before and I don’t use your name… throw me a bone and introduce yourself.


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