Daily Archives: 06/28/2011

ADSpiration: Google Chrome Videos

I first saw these videos on a seminar I once attended. Google had touched me with “Dear Sophie”.


and this video made Lady Gaga look less creepy and more human  to me than the usual. Kudos to Google.


What To Do with Photoshop

for desktop users, it's CTRL + E.

ADSpiration: Billboards Part 2

Because billboard ads are so good, and these guys are so creative, here is another set of billboards-gone-amazing. I’m becoming a fan of these ads lately.

Click here to see more creative billboard samples.

ADSpiration: Tear-Offs

People involved in advertising industry mostly dwells on two factors; having a concept and the next big thing, well the more complicated one, considering a budget. One of the oldest form of advertisement is a tear-off. If you haven’t seen or even at least heard one, well, these are simple and cheap form of ads where literally a piece of it tears off, which usually contains essential information. Here are epic samples of the simple ads executed in an extra-creative manner. I hope it would help to get your creative juices flowing on a Tuesday. Stay inspired!

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