Daily Archives: 06/29/2011

“Hump Day”

Ah Wednesday… otherwise known as “hump day”, because it falls squarely in the middle of the week. When you make it past Wednesday you have made it over the “hump” and it’s all downhill until the weekend baby. The name Wednesday is of pagan origin and can be traced back to the English god Wōden. This pagan connection is why Quakers refer to Wednesday as “Fourth Day”. Four, five, six… yey! its weekend already!


ADSpiration: Handles in Transport Advertising

500,000 – The expected number of people who takes MRT everyday as their means of transport. And well, with this quantity, expect the worse. If you have read my previous Etiquette and the people you don’t want to meet on the MRT blog, you would surely agree and have a different look with it.

Well, such numbers might be bad news for us, commuters, but for an advertising genius, the more the merrier! Crowded public transportation is fast becoming a marketing venue for advertisers to explore. Here are some cool transport handles that will surely get your attention…

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