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Advertising is everywhere. It conquered way beyond its limits. Well, it has a long future to go, continuously evolving to better pursue us to buy their products.

I am not against it. I am a big advertising genius fan. I just hope that future ads won’t end up like these samples I just found at the net, well, some are poorly executed, but more or less let’s hope we won’t be seeing them anytime soon…



ADSpiration: Mirrors

If diamonds are women’s best friends, then mirrors would be everyone’s best bud. Well, if you are an average person, most likely, you’d have yourself checking your looks at an average of five times a day in any reflecting surfaces you can catch on (make it 10 if you are vain, multiply it by 999999 if you’re a woman. kidding!).

The use of a mirror in advertising always attracts attention, since no one can pass by his reflection without looking at it. And if there is something wrong with it, a few minutes of attention are guaranteed. Here are several original examples of the use of mirrors in indoor and outdoor advertising.

Advertising stickers of the TV channel for adults. “We know what you like to watch”.

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