Okay, I’ll keep this short, it’s a shame to confess that a lifetime of being an artist still had not allowed me to acquire the wisdom to decide which DSLR Camera would be a good grab.

I’m desperate, I’ll admit I am at some time a compulsory buyer, so as Kath (who is she? she is just my other-half-to-be). I’m impatient when it comes to waiting and checking and canvassing when I am about to buy something. HELP!

BIG THANKS to those who would bother to waste time trying to help a n undecided newbie. The third picture that I’ll take with that cam would be for you! (of course the first would be for us, the second would be for my Snoop! Haha!)


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One response to “DSLR Gurus, HELP!

  • John Francisco

    canon is the best policy! :D , canon kiss x3 user, accurate and precise shot, kuha yung skin tone, try mo tanongin si POPS (paulo manual – X sign shop ng ilocos) photographer siya :) he will help you alot

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