New App Auto-Shortens Text for Social Networking, Lzy Ppl r Supr Xcitd

In what at first seems like yet another nail in the coffin of the English language, Trimit, $.99 app released last week, takes large blocks of text and automatically shortens them for use in various social networking applications.

After pasting text (or importing a URL) into the editing window, you have the option of shortening it for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email or SMS. Just give your phone a shake, and WHAM – now you look like an illiterate moron!


According to Mashable, the algorithm used to figure out which words/letters are important “pays special attention to words like dates, proper nouns, facts and figures and place, and users have an option to [turn off the ommission of] unnecessary vowels (i.e. “cvrd” vs. “covered”) and abbreviations (“2rists” vs. “tourists”).”

So it would seem that when its powers are used for good, Trimit actually becomes a reasonably intelligent summary tool. Don’t have time to read an entire article? Now you can get the concentrated version in seconds.

Are you paying attention, students?


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One response to “New App Auto-Shortens Text for Social Networking, Lzy Ppl r Supr Xcitd

  • Ape No. 1

    My first reaction is dismay at how we are facilitating the death of the English language with a generation of young minds who will be unable to process the most rudimentary of sentences unless it is dumbed down to this electronic based shorthand.

    On the other hand LOL.

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