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The Not So “Common Mailboxes”

Who said snail mails are out of the picture already? Yes, messaging had evolved so much since the introduction of modern technology, but that ain’t keeping this hardcore snail mail lovers on redefining their mode of communication. See the epic mailboxes (when I mentioned mailbox what I meant was the real one, not the one in your mobile phones or emails).



Maxim Fail!

Maxim magazine had a photoshoot with Kata Dobo.  And after the photoshoot was done they ran those images through photoshop.

Think she’s in nice shape? Maybe,but its funny that the tiles on the walls are not so in shape. Take a closer look at the right side of her mid section, it had been pushed in and the left side of her chest has been stretched.

Here is another shot:

On this, one of her sides were really pushed in.




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