Friday Sickness

Since it’s Friday, here’s a reblog of one of my favorite entries. :)


Occurrence: every Friday

Symptoms: bored to death, drowsiness, brain-dead, always looking on the wall clock, low morale

Findings: There’s an epidemic gripping the country. Each Friday, the population of most classes, and offices, would be drastically halved. People would disappear mysteriously, only to reappear in the most random of places like their homes, malls, or beer joints scattered across the country.

Bosses and teachers are baffled at the sudden drop in attendance. “Wala naman sakit si *****, ano sya, may Friday Sickness?”. And so we have the name of the disease: the Friday sickness.
Usually referring to absences that fall on a Friday, the Friday sickness seizes people with only one or two matters to attend, those who fear their superiors, and people who are beckoned by the sheer fun of pagtambay. In short, the lazy people.
I am one of them.
As I write this, it’s (surprise…

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