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ADSpiration: Interbest’s Male Stripper Billboard

Just this morning, as I was browsing through the net some visual inspirations to fuel my hump day, I came across this genius campaign made by  a Dutch outdoor advertising company, Interbest. They used a male stripper to build awareness of their billboard visibility in a campaign that has won Gold at the 2011 Clio Awards. The campaign involved a progression of billboards each showing the overweight man in fewer clothes with the text: “The sooner you advertise here, the better”. Just in time, the billboard is taken up with an advertisement for Radio 2, BBC’s national radio station. The campaign is a development of an earlier series of billboards which won a Silver Outdoor Lion at Cannes in 2010.



Credits to the genius brains behind this campaign, Y&R Not Just Film’s  team, art director Marq Strooy, copywriter Robin Zuiderveld, production manager Tilly van Duivenbooden, photographer Morad Bouchakour, account manager Jacqueline Loomans, and advertiser’s supervisor Meindert Van Den Heuvel.

ADSpiration: Mirrors

If diamonds are women’s best friends, then mirrors would be everyone’s best bud. Well, if you are an average person, most likely, you’d have yourself checking your looks at an average of five times a day in any reflecting surfaces you can catch on (make it 10 if you are vain, multiply it by 999999 if you’re a woman. kidding!).

The use of a mirror in advertising always attracts attention, since no one can pass by his reflection without looking at it. And if there is something wrong with it, a few minutes of attention are guaranteed. Here are several original examples of the use of mirrors in indoor and outdoor advertising.

Advertising stickers of the TV channel for adults. “We know what you like to watch”.

ADSpiration: BAGvertising

Hi! It’s a Friday. And my weekly sickness is soon to kick in (click here to read more about Friday Sickness), so as long as I have the power to type and click the mouse, and have my brain hibernation, here’s a collection of some interesting bag advertisement that will surely have you scratching your head (okay, at least looking). Stay inspired! Happy weekend in advance!

ADSpiration: T-Mobile’s Angry Bird

Yes I know, you’re checking (okay accidentally clicked) this link because you’re a certified Angry Bird Addict. Well, you are not alone! Enjoy! Kudos to the geeks and die-hard behind this.


How I wish I could get a try with this.

ADSpiration: Business Cards

Since college I have fancied having my own “bad ass” set of business card to brag and give to my future clients when I turn pro, up until now, the perfectionist side of me still rejects every idea that comes in

Yesterday I remembered my boss asking me about details for our company business card, which of course I know and can already tell what it looks like, for we all must use the company template. Here I have some creative samples that I have found, enjoy!

You are lucky if you have one like these, please share it! I would really appreciate!

Stay inspired!

ADSpiration: Billboards

If you are living in Manila, and your daily routine requires you to pass along C5 road (you’re lucky if not), then most likely aside from the horrendous traffic, you are familiar the sky-high giant billboards covering everything. Passing it seemed like browsing through a magazine, and you are rendered helpless but to look at em’

Billboards are one of the most powerful means of advertising. I have come across some creatively rendered ads for you to be inspired.

ADSpiration: Coke Happiness Truck

Today’s inspiration would be a viral video campaign shot at my own country Philippines. Coke being the big name it is, contributed a lot in establishing a trend on modern marketing and advertising. I am a fan of their ad rivalry with Pepsi. The advertising geniuses behind these ads are the coolest. I dream of one day being able to at least work with them.

They also brought their Happiness Truck in Brazil! Watch out, the next stop might be at your place!


Stay inspired!

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